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The Mass Effect franchise is very popular among gamers, and there is a lot of hype surrounding their upcoming new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. To give fans a glimpse of what’s to come, BioWare has released a new trailer for the game. Beyond the impressive graphics, the trailer showcases the story line the player is going to follow when playing the game. The main idea is that the player is going to stay in a cryosleep state for 600 years while traveling to a new undiscovered galaxy.

The video is narrated by the self proclaimed founder of the Andromeda Initiative, Jien Garson. For more additional information the user can sign into the BioWare website using their Origin Account and more information about the Andromeda Initiative is going to be available. The information includes the planets the player is going to explore and also the “Pathfinder”, which is the class the player is going to be playing as. The pathfinder is the best of the best, being a soldier, scientist and guide at the same time.

The trailer points out that the player is going to travel for 600 years on the Ark Hyperion, while being accompanied by other three ships filled with different species. And the most important fact, is that the journey is a one way trip. Regarding the other three species that the player will travel along, they are going to be the Salarians, Krogan and Asari.

Every Ark Hyperion ship is going to have a different Pathfinder assigned to them, and Alec Ryder is going to be one of them. Alec Ryder is a human soldier that comes from the N7 ranks. The same rank that Commander Shepard came from. Ryder was one of the first humans that used Charon mass relay to travel interstellar distance using speeds faster than light.

The players will get to choose to play with either Scott or Sarah Ryder, the children of Alec Ryder. And we can see from the trailer that Scott Ryder is getting appointed as the new Pathfinder, but that might depend in which twin sibling the player chooses to play as.