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The guys at Google are pretty busy working on updates either for Android, or for applications available for this operating system or other platforms. Gmail app for iOS has just received the largest overhaul in four years and this new version comes with many changes and enhancements. Calendar was also improved, but we’ll tell you more about the changes below.

iOS users who send and receive messages on Gmail should install the latest update because it comes with faster search engine, Undo Send and swipeable actions. Google got rid of the clutter and incorporated photos of user’s contacts, but some would say that now Gmail is replicating Inbox, because of the visual refresh and similar features.

Undo Send is a feature that was needed on Gmail for iOS, as it gives users the possibility to reconsider whether they want to send the message or they change their mind because they remember they’ve slipped a few typos that need to be corrected. However, after hitting Send, users must move fast and tap Undo Send from the bottom of the screen, within minutes, to recall the message.

Swipeable actions will make it easier for users to delete or archive a message, by swiping left or right. Other apps such as Outlook, CloudMagic and Apple Mail already introduced swipeable actions and Gmail users are hoping that in the near future will be brought more customization options, to mark as read or flag.

In addition, thanks to this new update, the built-in search engine has been improved, so users will get instant results as they type. Plus, there are smart suggestions based on users’ search history and minor typos can be easily spotted, and instead of the misspelled words, users are offered a better “did-you-mean” suggestion.

Lastly, the update for Google Calendar on iOS includes Spotlight search, support for weekly landscape view and alternate calendars. Plus, users can search for events and reminders in Spotlight and view dates in the Lunar, Islamic, or Hindu calendars.