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Happy 10th anniversary to the Gears of War series! That’s right, the original Gears of War came out on November 7, 2006.

To celebrate this important milestone for the series, Microsoft has begun an event called “10 Years of Gears.” Part of the celebration is a special Gears of War 4 DLC pack, the Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack.

It includes Gary Carmine as a playable character in multiplayer, returning weapons—such as Anthony Carmine’s Longshot, Benjamin Carmine’s Gnasher, and Clayton Carmine’s Lancer—along with other new weapons and emblems to celebrate the anniversary. Take a look at the Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack teaser trailer.

However, you won’t buy this pack like regular DLC. Instead, you’ll use Gears of War 4’s in-game currency. 200 credits will let you buy a pack, which then unlocks one item at random. Here is the full list of content available on the Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack:

  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Anthony Carmine Longshot
  • Benjamin Carmine Gnasher
  • Clayton Carmine Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Hammerburst
  • 10 Years of Gears Retro Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Markza Mk. 1
  • 10 Years of Gears Enforcer
  • Gary Carmine Emblem
  • 10 Years of Gears Emblem
  • 5 Bounties, each themed to a Gears of War game

The Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack is available now!

This isn’t the end of the Gears of War festivities, either. Microsoft also announced two new playlists, one called Gnashers-Only King of the Hill and the other called One Shot, One Kill (in which you only have a Longshot and can find an Embar sniper rifle). Microsoft has plans to announce community events, as well, including a Game With Developers event.

Finally, the latest Gears of War 4 update has made some changes to the game. They’ve increased the credits you earn from multiplayer matches, both from victories and losses. Bounties have been rebalanced and offer better XP and credits based on their difficulty.

And the Gear Pack system has also been updated. Versus Boosters include a guaranteed customization item and four Bounties, one of which might be another customization item. Horde Boosters include a guaranteed customization item and four Horde Skills, one of which might be a Horde Bounty. Operations Packs include two guaranteed customization items.

What do you think about the updates made to Gears of War 4 and the 10th anniversary celebration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.