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A remake of Final Fantasy VII is something fans have asked Square Enix to make for years, so the announcement of such a remake was greeted with intense excitement and anticipation. However, a few things have led to uncertainty.

First, the multi-part format. No one knows for sure yet how Final Fantasy VII will be split into multiple games. Second, the combat system.

From the moment the gameplay footage was revealed, fans were divided on whether the Final Fantasy VII Remake clearly showed an action combat system or if it seemed to have something more akin to the original game’s ATB system. Not only was it controversial, with many debates among players, it just was unclear.

While a few statements from Square Enix finally made it apparent it was action rather than any form of ATB or turn-based combat, we still don’t really know how it will play out. In October, Nomura discussed many things in an interview, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

According to Nomura, they’re aware of the demand for turn-based combat, but they’re proceeding with action combat as they feel it is the right choice for the game. However, he also said that they’ve “added systems that future fans will be able to enjoy” and that people who aren’t good at action games shouldn’t worry.

Additionally, he promised to give more details on the combat system soon, saying that right now, “nobody is really able to imagine a concrete battle,” so he’ll need to explain how it works.

Turn-based combat is clearly out, but this doesn’t sound as though it’s quite an action system like that used in Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy XV. If it was, he could make the comparison right now instead of working out steps to do so. In short, it’s an action combat system, but possibly not a standard one.

For now, all we can do is wait to see what sort of combat system the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have. What do you expect?