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Recently, Microsoft has unveiled the biggest Windows 10 upgrade up until now. However, the irony here is that the biggest update is making everything smaller. Bill Karagounis, who works as the Windows program manager at Microsoft, declared on the official Windows blog that their latest operating system, Windows 10, is about to become much smarter when it comes to downloading updates.

According to him, the company announced the latest generation of the delivery technologies, which is included in the latest builds released on the Insider program. The builds are named the Unified Update Platform, or the UUP. It seems that the most important change about this UUP is the fact that the downloads will be smaller on the PCs.

Apparently, the UUP is based on a different download technology: it will only download the changes that were made since the previous update, instead of downloading an entire build. According to Karagounis, this will cut down by 35% the size of important Windows 10 updates. This is actually quite a big move, since the UUP is going to become the universal technology that will be used by all Windows 10 versions, even on tablets and smartphones, for example. This further translates into the fact that as a user, you will save precious bandwidth and you will save time when the device will only install the new patches.

If you think about it, it’s actually surprising that Microsoft did not introduce this update to Windows until now, since it’s such a smart and fast solution. Moreover, it’s even more curious why they delayed this, since other platforms have been working like this for quite some years now. Even Apple went for the differentiated downloads technology, since they only provide what is necessary for a specific device or a certain user and install only the relevant bit.