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Now that Pixel XL and Pixel are getting their Google Assistant feature, no wonder that Samsung is also planning to release their own AI digital assistant, which will be available, of course, for the future Galaxy S8 phone.

It’s a very good move, especially considering the fact that the previous model, Galaxy Note 7, did not have the success the company would have expected. Despite this, the company is not stopping their efforts to make up for this with the next model, Galaxy S8. Apparently they want to catch up with Google and to introduce their own AI assistant feature.

It will be named Viv and it will be included in the Galaxy smartphones. However, it’s not limited only to the smartphones, but it will also extend the voice-assistant services available for wearable devices or home appliances. Even though the company did not reveal what features will Viv have, they revealed that other third-party developers will have the possibility of integrating their own services and to have complex interactions with the assistant. According to some reports, Viv is not the final name for the assistant, there might also be a possibility that it will be called Bixby.

About Samsung Galaxy S8, there have already been lots of rumors and speculations regarding its specs and features. According to them, the upcoming model will have a 5.5-inches 4K display and a dual-edge curved feature. It might run on two chipsets, Snapdragon 830 for the US in particular and Exynos 8895 for the rest of the world. Moreover, it seems that the company has already started to produce these types of chipsets, which apparently are based on 10nm process. The new device will come in two versions: one with 6 GB and another with 8 GB RAM, while the S8 will feature a dual camera on the back with 16 MP.