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Pokemon Go is a free to play mobile game available on all smartphone devices, even on Apple Watch devices. The game was developed and also published by Niantic Labs. What makes the game special is not only the fact that it gives players the option to relieve their childhood dreams of catching pocket monsters, but the fact that it uses the mobile’s GPS system giving making the player explore new places.

The latest update Niantic Labs rolled out to their mobile game included a new change for the 10 KM eggs. The change was that now Eevee, a special type Pokemon that used to hatch only in 10KM eggs, is now hatching in 5KM eggs.

This game change annoyed some of the player base. Especially the ones that actually walked the steps to hatch their 10KM eggs in hopes of adding Eevee to their PokeDex, but Eevee did not always hatch the first time and Pokemon Go players had to work really hard to get the Pokemon.

The 10KM eggs were received as rewards by Pokemon Go players that managed to level up or are following an infrequent PokeStop. Eevee was one of the random Pokemons that could have been hatched by the 10KM egg.

The players that managed to discover a 10 KM/ 6.2 miles egg and also walk the amount of steps required for the egg to hatch, were rewarded with special Pokemons, that are usually hard to find in the wild. Eevee became so common that at a Pokemon Go player that hatched a 10 KM egg, in hopes of being rewarded with a Snorlax and received a Eevee got so upset that he made a customer report.

When the game came out people were enthusiastic about owning a Eevee, but since this has changed Niantic Labs is listening to their player feedback and making the Pokemon hatch only in 5 KM eggs. So players that walk 10 KM in hopes of receiving a rare Pokemon will not be disappointed anymore when Eevee pops up.