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The release date of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro is getting closer by the day. The official release date is the 10th of November. The console is going to be priced at $399 and its going to have better hardware than its predecessor, giving the console the ability to bring a higher quality of graphics to players.

Specs Upgrade

The new PlayStation 4 Pro is going to have the following upgrades:

  • A standard 1TB hard drive;
  • Improved graphics for the newly released games. Older games will also receive update along the way to make them look better while using the PS4 Pro. Virtual Reality games are going to look even better than they actually do;;
  • It will run at a higher resolution and HDR. To be noted is that this feature is only available on TV sets that can support them.

Game Compatibility

PlayStation 4 games are going to be compatible with both models of the gaming console. The only difference is that newly released games are going to look different on PS4 Pro, while at the same time maintaining the usual graphic quality on the PS4.

Sony has also stated that when the game is going to be launched there will already be 30 games with enhanced graphics, and 45 by the end of the year.

Frame Rates

You do not need to own a HD TV to be able to see the graphical updates the PS4 Pro is bringing. Since the new console will have better processing power in comparison with the standard version, it will be able to pump out more high quality graphics even on 1080P TVs.

The main improvement the PS4 Pro is going to bring to all its users, is the ability to be able to lock the frame rate of a game. The FPS (frames per second) is very important because it makes the game feel smooth. This is going to make the majority of PlayStation players very happy, since the main problems the gaming console has is maintaining the FPS rate stable.