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Having another security update prefiguring into the horizon, you should know now that it’s a good idea to update to the latest version for Google Play services before it gets normally released (in case you haven’t done it until now). If you didn’t press the essential update button before it got removed from all the Nexus devices that got the 7.1 update, then you’ll be happy to know that Google Play services is restoring the button.

Even though this useful button is back, there are still some basic limits imposed. The first time you press it, you will see a screen popping up, containing an animated bar that shows the app is waiting for a response. If you tap again, you will see the screen flickering, which most likely means that there is no connection to the Google servers. However, this is no surprise, since the old button that checked for updates for this app also had its own issues, so you shouldn’t be too shocked by this.

People have been particularly excited about the Cast notifications and player controls available in the latest version of the Google Play services, the 10.0.84. The issue was that if you lived in the same home with people who regularly use Chromecast, you might have seen how difficult it is when the Casting device is not nearby. You could use the phone and tablet and look for the Google Home app, but it took a while. Now, this update is welcomed because it shows you a notification with the player controls whenever you have a Cast session active.

This is the main reason why many people started upgrading to the latest version, and perhaps this feature will convince many more in the near future.