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If you’ll have the chance to get your hands on a NES Classic Edition when it will get launched, most likely you will go for the big brands in this domain. Many people will probably play Super Mario Bros or Metroid, for example. However, there are still other interesting games you might want to take into account!

  1. Ninja Gaiden. This is one of the few video games that can be really called cinematic. It is a game that unravels at a fast pace and makes you play as Ryu, a ninja that has to fight in lots of different locations.
  2. Castlevania. Since the release of the original title back in 1986, this gothic series has had lots of spinoffs. However, many people still prefer the original game with all the basics instead of the more recent changes.
  3. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The second game from the Zelda series has been quite blamed at the time, since it’s a RPG instead of an adventure game. You can fight various battles and help Link use magic and gain experience.
  4. Gradius. Though most arcade space shooters are boring and follow the same lines, Gradius still keeps its originality and freshness, even 30 years later. The storyline is simple: you stay in the cockpit of a space fighter and have to fight waves and waves of enemies coming at you. Easy, huh?
  5. Startropics. This game might seem strange, with its similar levels and disproportionate characters, but it’s an interesting spinoff of the Zelda series. It mixes together adventure and action, bringing a more modern set at the same time. It kind of reminds you of Indiana Jones, since you have to explore several caverns on an island, plus you have to search for a certain Dr. Jones!