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It seems that there is a brand new malware out there that is getting installed on more and more mobile devices. According to security researchers, the bogus Flash Player application is aiming the mobile devices that run on Android OS.

This malware is stealing credit card information from the mobile devices and can also defeat the two-factor identification schemes. It seems that users of applications such as Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Discovery Financial, Well Fargo and Chase are targeted in these attacks.

According to the researchers from Fortinet, a few days ago, a phony Flash Player has been discovered. It is good to know that this malware is NOT available via the Google Play Store and it not yet known how it is distributed.

Kai Lu from Fortinet claims that this banking malware is able to steal login credentials from 94 different mobile banking applications. Lu also confirmed that the malware is able to intercept SMS communications and this means that it can by-pass SMS-based two-factor authentication.

The malware is currently spreading in Germany, France, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Australia and United States. Once it is installed on your Android device, you will notice an icon on the Android device’s application launcher screen. Lu said that when the user is launching the bogus Flash Player, (s)he is tricked to grant administrator rights to the application via a fake “Google Play Services”.

However, if the user cancels the download, the window closes, but it reapers again, forcing the user to install it. However, you can make this window go away if you select “activate” from the menu, but by doing this, you will grant full device administrator rights to the malware. Once the application gets administrative rights, you will notice that it will be quite hard to uninstall it. To make things even worse, the malware receives permission to send and receive text messages, which means that the attacker will be able to bypass two-factor authentication systems.

To avoid getting malwares, we suggest you to install Adobe Flash Player and other applications directly from the Google Play Store.