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Samsung keeps trying to retrieve every Galaxy Note 7, but it seems that there are still people who prefer to keep using this device. Well, it seems that a new software update has been released for this flagship phablet, which limits maximum battery charging capacity and it prevents it from getting too hot. This new update has been released in the US and you can already install it on your Galaxy Note 7.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not figured out what exactly is causing the Galaxy Note 7 to overheat and catch fire or smoke, but it will surely increase the participation in the recall. The new update also brings a pop-up notification system about the recall anytime the device is rebooted, charged or unlocked.

We remind you that this update was firstly released in Korea back in September 2016, while in the US this OTA update is currently available for the Galaxy Note 7 connected to T-Mobile.

Samsung claims that, currently, about 85% of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices have been replaced via the U.S. Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program. The company said that most of the owners have opted for a replacement of the Samsung device. It seems that thanks to a few software tweaks, the new handset may work better than the old device that they are leaving behind.

If you still own a Galaxy Note 7, you are advised to return it to its manufacturer by contacting either Samsung or the carrier you’ve bought it from. Keep in mind that if you decide to return the Galaxy Note 7, you will be able to get another Samsung smartphone and replace any specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices.

Will you keep the Galaxy Note 7 or return it to get another smartphone?

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