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Until now, Niantic has brought only minor tweaks to Pokémon GO, such as the buddy system, medal bonuses or appraisals, but fans want something bigger that’s worth the wait. From October 26 until November 1, players received more Candies (six for each Pokémon they caught) and their Buddy Pokémon awarded Candy four times faster than usual.

There were many other treats, as well as spooky Pokémon and other Halloween-related surprises, but the event is over and Niantic is getting ready to release Pokémon Sun and Moon games. Most likely, on November 18th, Pokémon GO will also receive a huge update.

First of all, we’ll tell you about the new Pokémon tracker that will help players find nearby Pokémon more easily outside San Francisco. This small update was announced on Niantic’s Facebook page, and the regions that will get the tracker are: Oakland and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, parts of Arizona and the Seattle area of Washington. This tracker is different from the original one, which used a set of footprint icons to convey distance and players had to figure out if they were walking in the right direction.

Now, they will know which PokéStop a Pokémon is near and if it’s not, the players will need to keep hunting.

Players are also getting bonuses for catching Pokémon: 500 XP and 600 Stardust if they catch a Pokémon every day, and if they catch Pokémon for seven days in a row, they receive 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust. And if they visit PokeStops every day, for a week, players get 2,000 XP and even more items.

But things won’t stop here and hardcore fans see many other possibilities, such as more Pokémon (second generation Pokémon and a baby Pokémon), which will boost sales for Niantic, but the developer is also relying on the success of Pokémon Sun and Moon, which will be released on November 18.