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Niantic Lab’s Pokemon Go has a huge player base, and when it first launched to the wide public it had the whole world out on the streets searching for Pokemon to catch. When trying to catch a Pokemon, it’s not always as easy as it might seem, and there is always a chance of failing. For this reason the Pokemon GO catch chance calculator is a great addition to any Pokemon Go player arsenal.

Meaning behind GUCT

GUCT is the base behind the chance calculator, and it is an acronym for grand unified catch theory. This theory calculates the flee rates, move sets and also catch rates of any wild Pokemon. The theory also takes in consideration the success of curve balls, throw and medal bonuses that the player can receive.

Flee Rate

The flee rate for an Pokemon has been closely analyzed and the conclusion was that the only reason a wild Pokemon flees, is because the Trainer did not catch it in the period of time allowed.

Pokemon Level Influenced by Trainer Level

Pokemon spawn rates are random, and they cannot be altered, but the only thing that changes is the Pokemons height, weight and individual stats. The Pokemon stats change depending on what level the trainer that is trying to catch them is.

Pokemon Moveset

The researchers behind the grand unified catch theory have paid close attention to the way move sets are distributed to wild Pokemons, and they came to the conclusion that all move sets are distributed at equal rates between wild Pokemons.

Catch Rate

The catch rate of Pokemon generally varies between 16 percent to 56 percent. The rarer and more popular the Pokemon, the lower the catch rate drops. The most common catch rate is 40 percent, and this catch rate applies to Pokemon such as Caterpie, which are pretty easy to find.