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Recently, Minecraft was updated on all compatible platforms and gamers were happy because they received new features and improvements. Unfortunately the Boss Update brought some issues, as well, and Mojang had to react fast and fix the damages before players lost their patience. So, if you’re playing Minecraft on a mobile device, then you should download and install version 0.16.1 as soon as possible!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.16.1 comes with fixes for spacing, so there will be enough room for longer localized text, and in addition, the performance of the game has been improved. Players who own an iPhone were complaining about a crash when the game was resumed, so Mojang has fixed this issue. Moreover, players will be able to delete a world, and they will save a resource pack, but only if the path has UTF-8 characters.

According to the change-log, the new update has also fixed:

– Updating player inventory slots;
– Realm crash when placing an item frame;
– A crash when renaming a map;
– Inventory slots are now kept in the .mcworld save file (Education Edition only);
– A crash when creating a new world;
– Crashes caused by fire arrows;
– A crash caused by some splash potions generated through slash commands.
– Creepers will now explode when attacked by snow golems.

We remind you that previously, the update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition introduced two key features for all supported mobile operating systems: boss fights and Add-Ons. Boss fights have been requested by players for a while and now they will be able to fight against the Elite Guardian and the Ocean Monuments. The Add-Ons feature will allow players to create custom edits and remixes by digging into its files.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been released in September 2011 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Fire phone, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone and it costs $6.99.