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The PC Case can get quite hot, especially if you are a gamer and play video games which require a good amount of resources. This is the reason why desktop cases come with big air vents and why the processor, graphics card and PSU come with their own heatsinks and fans.

Well, the cooling only functions if the manufacturers have taken their time to test out the products well enough before releasing them to the public. Well, according to latest reports, EVGA has messed up its latest NVIDIA GeForce cards.

For example, the EVGA’s GeForce 1060, 1070 and 1080 graphics card are catching fire when forced to the maximum. There have been cases where users who ran the benchmark software or games that use the video card to the maximum encountered big problems with their card, which caught fire because of the lack of cooling components. Mydst, a Reddit user, has talked about its GTX 1070 which caught fire while he was playing.

It seems that the issue is related to the design of the Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM). According to reports, the VRM lacks the required thermal pads which would allow the video card to function at a decent temperature range. Tom’s Hardware Germany said that these cards can reach up to 107 Celsius degrees, which is about 224 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to EVGA, these are the video cards that are affected by this problem:

  • GTX 1080 with part numbers: 08G-P4-6181, 08G-P4-6183, 08G-P4-6284, 08G-P4-6286, 08G-P4-6384 and 08G-P4-6386
  • GTX 1070 with part numbers: 08G-P4-5171, 08G-P4-5173, 08G-P4-6171, 08G-P4-6173, 08G-P4-6274 and 08G-P4-6276
  • GTX 1060 6G with part numbers: 06G-P4-6262, 06G-P4-6366, 06G-P4-6265, 06G-P4-6264, 06G-P4-6267 and 06G-P4-6368
  • GTX 1060 3G with part numbers: 03G-P4-6365, 03G-P4-6367, 03G-P4-6167 and 03G-P4-6165.

EVGA has released a BIOS update for the mentioned video cards which tweaked the way they are using the fans in order to keep the temperature down. In other words, after the bios update, you should expect faster spinning of the fans, which will result in more noise.