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For the longest time, GoPro ruled the lands of action cameras with no worthy competitor in sight. However, a challenger has risen, in the form of the Xiaomi Yi 4K. At first glance, it looks like the only thing making people go for the GoPro instead of the Xiaomi device at the moment Is the fact that they want the flashier brand name. Let’s take a look at what both devices offer, and see if GoPro has anything to worry about.

  • GoPro Hero 5

Thanks to its Snapdragon 800 processor, the Hero is able to provide more stabilization and provide clearer images.

The device features a 12 MP camera that has the capability of recording in 4 to 8 K.

The GoPro Hero 5 also permits the user to submerge the device up to 10 feet underwater without causing any damage to the device.

If the user is unable to press buttons on the device, the GoPro Hero 5 comes to the rescue with a neat voice control feature, which can come in handy considering the adventurous nature of those who purchase action cameras.

All these features are powered by a 1160 mAH battery that supplies the device with the energy it needs.

  • Xiaomi YI 4k

The device is using a 12 MP camera, branded Sony IMX377, which also supports 4K video recording. Previously unavailable, this model comes with a 2.19 inch screen which provides utility for users.

While the GoPro features waterproof capabilities, the Xiaomi Yi 4K comes with unique features of its own, in the form of a tripod that is built within the device.

Another determining factor is the price. While the GoPro Hero 5 will cost you $400, you only have to pay $250 for the Xiaomi Yi 4K, making it very accessible in comparison, considering what it offers.