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Facebook is an app that is available on all platforms. The app is the most downloaded app ever, gathering a big fan base because of the popularity it has. On Facebook users can find different people, locations starting with high school friends and ending up with the boutique shop down the street.

Facebook has released a new update for their Messenger app and now users can encrypt their messages to improve the security of their online chats. The process of encrypting messages is not as complicated as it might seem, all of this can be done by the simple press of a button.

The Facebook Messenger app has received a new option in its user interface, the “Secret” messages option. This option was already implemented in WhatsApp interface for a while now, and user can now encrypt their conversations whenever they want. This way users can be sure that no one is spying on their private online chats. Neither the government or Facebook itself.

This new feature that has just been added to Facebook’s Messenger app has been officially announced in July, but it needed some optimizations first until it could have been released to Facebook.

The process of activating encryption mode for messages does not differ from platform to platform. Both Android powered devices and devices that run on iOS will use the same method.

How to activate “Secret” mode

The first step is to open up Facebook Messenger app, after that tap on the “compose message” option. After doing this a list of the users contacts will pop-up and in the top right corner the Secret option can be found. Tap the Secret option and select a contact and a pop-up message will ask the user if this is his default device, so that the conversation won’t show up in archives to other places the users account is connected to, and then the conversation will be encrypted.