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According to new reports, next month, Clash of Clans will receive a major update that will bring Pirates, Mermaids and Submarines. Game&Guide website claims that the hype that was when Supercell has released the October 2016 update has vanished and, now, the company is trying to lure back all the players that left the game.

It seems that one of the reasons why many Clash of Clans players have left this game is because most of them have started playing Pokémon Go, whose launch was a real success, but it seems that the hype has ended for quite a while and it has lost a good amount of players already.

In other words, this will be the best time to bring a major update to the Clash of Clans game. However, the company will most likely not be able to release it before December 2016. Clash of Clans players are now asking Supercell to update the game before the year ends and the company is now forced to comply. If the “sea-themed” update will be released to Clash of Clans, the game will most likely also receive some new water-based buildings.

We remind you that back in July 2016, Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has outpaced Clash of Clans as the fastest mobile game ever to reach number one in terms of revenues. It took only one day for the Pokémon Go to get on top of the list in the Apple Store and about 4 days in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, Clash of Clans needed two days to get to the top in the Apple Store and seven days in the Google Play Store.

Some leaked ship photos have surely caused some excitement among the Clash of Clans players. However, we should remind you that Supercell has not confirmed any addition of sea-related characters or buildings.

Do you think that Clash of Clans will receive a major update in December 2016?