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WhatsApp is currently used by over 1 billion people and the number of active users is growing fast. Well, it seems that the developers of the application are currently considering releasing its own Snapchat clone. In concordance with Mashable, the mobile messaging application is currently testing out an image-sharing function that’s named “Status”.

It seems that this project was discovered by some fans who were examining the most recent WhatsApp BETA for Android and iOS. It seems that a “Status” button will be added to the tab menu, somewhere between Chat and Calls. Users will be able to create doodles and even add text captions just like in… you’ve guessed, Snapchat!

We remind you that before Snapchat became so popular, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to purchase it. However, Snapchat didn’t accept the buyout deal that was presented by Facebook’s “creator”. Soon enough, Facebook has created “Instagram” which was inspired mostly from Snapchat.

It is good to know that Facebook has also tried to buy the “Asian Snapchat” last summer hoping that this will limit Snapchat’s international growth. Well, it seems that Zuckerberg was not very happy after his $3 billion offer was refused by Snapchat’s owners and he decided to make sure that this company will slowly get destroyed.

However, let’s not forget that there are many other big rival companies out there that have stolen ideas from each other, such as Samsung, Apple or Microsoft. It seems that there is no originality anymore and companies are just trying to create the perfect product by stealing functions and features from other rival products.

We’re not sure when the “Status” function will be added to the WhatsApp application, but there are reports which suggest that this might happen sometime in the next weeks.

Are you using Snapchat? Do you think that once the “Status” function will be added to the WhatsApp application more people will decide to stop using Snapchat?

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