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WhatsApp can be considered as one of the most popular instant messaging applications among people. The user friendly interface, availability of features and the cost effectiveness of WhatsApp have contributed a lot towards its popularity. The developers of WhatsApp are providing regular updates to the application in order to impress the users.

Here is a list of cool new features that rolled out with the latest WhatsApp Android update. If you haven’t still updated WhatsApp in your phone, it is the high time to do it and enjoy all these features.


The latest WhatsApp update provided ability for the people to edit the videos that are being shared through the app. In fact, the users will be able to pop out, zoom and edit videos as per their preferences.

Moroever, the users will be provided with the ability to pop out the videos that they get on WhatsApp. This can help them to keep videos playing in the background as well. In fact, they can simply pop out the video and let it playing while you go through other messages.

Recently WhatsApp introduced the ability to share documents along with a new update. As a result, you will be able to send PDF files with your contacts. The most impressive feature about this update is that it has the ability to share files directly from the cloud. If you are getting credit card bills and mobile phone bills to your email inbox, you can simply forward them to others through this feature. WhatsApp is now compatible with many other document file formats as well.

In addition, you will be able to share photos that are stored in your cloud as well. WhatsApp is compatible with all the popular cloud storage services such as SkyDrive, Google Drive and DropBox.

Auto sorted media files, documents and links is another impressive feature that came out with the latest WhatsApp Android update. A lot of media files are flying around with the introduction of WhatsApp and the developers have taken a new step to make the entire process more convenient.

In fact, the users can now track the media files that are getting shared over WhatsApp. You don’t need to use hashtags anymore to sort the messages. WhatsApp can now sort all the photos, documents, videos and links automatically. You can set up the sorting filters for both group chats as well as individual chats.


Along with the latest WhatsApp update, you will be able to clear all the messages in a specific thread without removing the “Starred” messages.

Therefore, you can simply select the messages that are important to you and delete the rest. Last but not least, you will be able to control the download settings through WhatsApp itself. If you are worried about the amount of data consumed by WhatsApp, you would love this feature. You can control the data usage minutely and stay away from getting a thumping bill at the end of the month.

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