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Single player

Multiplayer is great fun and it is also the place where competitive spirits alike compete against each other for the thrill of victory. However, before you get into that, do the single player campaign. Go through the missions and spend time learning the actual controls. The game will teach you everything you need to know, from the basics to the advanced Titan shenanigans you’ll do later on. The game will let you take the reins as both a Pilot and a Titan, meaning you will get plenty experience with both roles.

If you skip the single player experience and jump straight into multiplayer combat, you will instantly feel the repercussions and have less of a fun time (a lot less).

Aim for the players

Titanfall 2 mixes real life players with artificial intelligence, or game controlled characters, which are easily distinguished as they take the appearance of either a grunt or a robotic specter for the IMC. Killing an AI will reward points, but not nearly as many as killing another real life player, reason for which it’s in your best interest to learn how to spot AI and prioritize the real players.

Boost management

In Titanfall 2, players are awarded boosts which replaced the burning cards featured in the original installment. With these boosts, players can ramp up their damage on their main weapon, or do a number of other useful things that enhance their gameplay. These boosts do not stack and can’t be changed, so it is advised that players hold on to their boosts until the right opportunity presents itself.

Learn to let go

Titans are a core element of the game, but some objectives are far more appropriate for Pilots rather than Titans.  If faced with such a situation, ditching the Titan should be considered, as it will continue to assist and kill enemies in the autopilot mode which triggers as soon as the player ejects.