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The last game in the Sims franchise, Sims 4 did not do so well on the market. Players had high standards for the life simulator. When Sims 4 released, and players found out it was full of bugs, and it did not bring any new features, they felt as if they have spent their money for nothing. This being the reason why The Sims 5 is not expected to be released any time soon. EA are trying to fix their mistakes by releasing a new DLC for Sims 4, the City Living DLC.

EA’s CEO has stated that the fate of Sims 5 completely resides on what sales Sims 4 is going to bring with the upcoming DLC. The reason for this is that they expected Sims 4 to be a huge hit like its previous predecessors and invested a huge amount of money into the game, but in the end they have reportedly lost millions of dollars.

Worth mentioning is that there are many reports from eligible sources that point towards the fact that there might still be hope for a new installment of a Sims game.

The Sims Franchise

Electronic Arts are not a new figure on the video gaming market, and they have had their share of flops already, Sims 4 not being the first one of them. Taking in consideration their experience with the video game industry, it is expected of them to find a marketing strategy to revitalize the Sims franchise.

The new City Life DLC is the first step EA are taking in revamping the franchise, the only problem with that is the fact that it’s a paid DLC, and people might not be too keen on spending any more money on the game.

Trade analysts are advising EA to rather release a new Sims installment with new updates and features and that will surely get people interested in buying the game.