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The social network market is a very competitive one, and for this reason app companies have to always be on their A game. Users are always expecting new features and improvements to be added. WhatsApp is one of the biggest social networks of our time, and because of the competition their facing, and the amount of users they have, they need to keep adding features and fixes to their app, so their user base keeps on growing.

The latest update that WhatsApp rolled out brought features such as pop-out videos, sharing files from cloud drivers, the option to send PDFs or documents and so much more. WhatsApp has recently introduced new features that their users can benefit from. Here we are going to present you with a list of the most popular features.

Control Your Privacy

For some while now, WhatsApp started to share user information with Facebook, even though users received a pop-up message informing them, they might not have read it, and WhatsApp will share their profile information with Facebook. Worth mentioning is that phone numbers and chats are not going to be shared. This option can disabled by accessing Settings-Account, and all the user has to do now is to uncheck the box placed right next to Share my account info.

Send and Receive GIFs

This long awaited feature has finally arrived to WhatsApp, but this option can only be used in the beta version of WhatsApp at the moment, and the beta is already available for iOS. The option to add GIFs in chat message can be found right next to Images and Videos in the Gallery section.

OneDrive Support on Windows Phone

Owners of Android devices have already received this feature a while ago, but the next in line are Microsoft device owners. This option will allow for users to store their WhatsApp data on to Google Drive.

Snapchat-Style Image Editing

The new style when sharing pictures at the moment is to add emoji or custom text to the picture. Snapchat were the first to have this feature implemented, then Instagram added it to their app, and now WhatsApp will add this trending feature as well. The option to add emoji, annotations or to Paintbrush the users picture will appear when they try to share a picture using WhatsApp.

New Ways to Shoot Photos and Videos

WhatsApp has also implemented three new ways for taking pictures and videos. These new features are intended to make the process of taking pictures and videos a lot more easier. When the user wants to take a selfie, he can choose the “Flash” option, which will then light up the screen to bring more light on to the users face. The second feature allows the user to switch up between the front and the rear camera just by double tapping the screen. And the last option applies to shooting videos, the zoom option can be used by only sliding two fingers on the screen.