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According to some reports, a jailbreak tool for the iOS 10 is already functioning on the iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. It seems that this tool is not developed by Pangu and instead it has been made by the Unlock-Jailbreak Team.

We’re pretty sure that this news will make many people very happy, especially since it was expected to be released a while ago. It seems that the newly released iOS 10 jailbreak tool comes with many benefits aside from the ones we’re used to, such as access to Cydia. Well, it seems that those who jailbreak their iDevices using the tool released by Unlock-Jailbreak Team will be able to use SIM cards from any network providers, update for lifetime period and they’ll have money-back guarantees.

In addition, the team that has released this jailbreak mentions that the new iOS 10 jailbreak tool will not harm the devices on which it will be installed and that all the current functions and features of Apple handsets will work as usual.

However, keep in mind that there are some reports which suggest that installing this tool on your device might bring some security issues. In other words, before downloading and installing this jailbreak took on your device, make sure that you back-up the iDevice.

Did Pangu and TaiG Give Up?

Pangu and TaiG are quiet when it comes to the jailbreak status of the iOS 10. Some previous reports were suggesting that Pangu has the jailbreak tool ready, but it is waiting for the right moment to release it to the public. Some rumors say that Apple has released the iOS 10.0.2 and it brought some bug fixes and improvements to the security of the operating system, which caused the delay of iOS 10 Jailbreak release.

We suggest you to wait for the Pangu’s iOS 10 Jailbreaking tool instead of installing the one we’ve mentioned above. After all, Pangu is a well known hacker group that has been releasing jailbreak versions for iOS for quite some time.

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