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This year, Google has released again two variants of smartphones, but this time, they were both built by the same company: HTC, which considered that the Pixel shouldn’t need a battery bigger than 2770mAh. Users have reported that Android 7.0 Nougat is a battery killer and they want to know a few tips and tricks to extend longevity of their device.

Use Battery Saver

The Pixel has a Battery saver mode that can be enabled in Quick Settings > Battery. This feature will reduce performance of your phone, it will limit vibration, location services and will reduce background data, preventing battery drains.

Close Battery-draining Apps

Doze mode restricts applications’ access to network and CPU-intensive services, but even if apps are “sleeping”, their poor code can mess up the system, and they’re draining the battery pretty fast. In order to identify apps that are causing issues, you will need to go to
Settings > Battery > Use since last charge and look at the list of apps. Ignore Android OS, Bluetooth or Voice calls, but pay attention to applications that take up more than a couple percent of the battery drain. Maybe they’re the culprits and they need to be closed.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Not only that you will free up some space, but your phone will also have a better performance and, of course, a longer life. So, open the app drawer and identify applications that you haven’t used in a while and which you no longer need. Everyone makes this mistake: to install dozens of applications which we rarely use until we forget about them, so it’s better to get rid of them

Carry a Mobile Battery Pack With You

It’s the best solution when you’re running out of juice and you don’t have access to a wall outlet to charge your phone. So, if you’re a very busy person who’s always caught in traffic and you need to make phone calls, but your battery is dying, then use a portable battery pack.