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Adobe has released a security update last month for the Flash Player. This update intends to address a security flaw that may allow attackers to control any infected system. This update is considered critical, which should be taken seriously by Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

If you think that you are vulnerable for this attack, here are tips that you can use to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for your system.

  1. Users of Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime can update using the mechanism inside the product. But, they can also use the manual update by visiting the official website
  2. Users of Adobe Flash Player Extended Support can also visit the versions of Archived Flash Player for developers, still on the official website.
  3. Adobe Flash Player users for Linux can visit the official Adobe Flash Player Download Center as well.
  4. Users of Google Chrome should also update their Flash Player with the latest version of Chrome.
  5. Meanwhile, users of Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge will receive automatic updates.

In order to verify if the update was indeed successful, it is important to check the product version. Here are couple of ways to verify that.

  • Go to the About Flash page, then
  • You can right-click on currently running content of Flash and select About Adobe or Macromedia Flash Player that you can see from the menu option.

Those who are using multiple browsers should also have to make sure that they are likewise updated. Take note that HTML5 is already becoming popular, which gives an idea for other Flash Player users to abandon their current plug-in.

Perhaps there is no need to do that right now, as Adobe has not confirmed this threat to be that alarming yet. Thus, the best thing to do is to just be vigilant enough and keep your products updated.