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Blizzard has made some announcements during BlizzCon today, but we will talk only about Diablo 3 in this article. First of all, you should know that the Necromancer is finally coming to Diablo 3.

Keep in mind that the Necromancer is not similar to Witch Doctor. For example, Witch Doctor is summoning pets that are passive, while some pets that are summoned by the Necromancer can have active components.

At the same time, when it comes to the resources, they are different, as Witch Doctor is using mana, while the Necromancer is using “essence”. The Corpse Explosion skill is making its way back to the game, being able to blow up as many bodies at a time. The Bone Spear skill returns too and this is a piercing attack out in a straight line.

The Decrepify is a returning curse, which will reduce the enemies’ damage and it will slow them down. A new skill has been added to the Necromancer and it is named Siphon Blood and it channels on a single enemy that will allow you to recover both health and essence. Blood Rush is new also and it will allow you to teleport to another location, which is great to be used when you are in a tough situation.

It is good to know that the Necromancer will not come in an expansion pack, but instead it will be a character pack named “The Rise of the Necromance” and once you’ll purchase it, it will also add two character slots and two stash tabs (PC version).

New Armory To Be Released In Diablo 3

A patch that will be released next year will bring a New Armory, which will surely be enjoyed by all gamers. This Armory will allow you to manage loadouts, meaning that you will not have to hassle when trying to make some changes to your character. In other words, you will be able save different builds for your character (up to 5) and switch to them when needed.

Unfortunately, Blizzard hasn’t mentioned when the new Armory will be released, but it said that it will happen sometime next year and it will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.