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Streaming TV Shows and Movies in hotel rooms can get difficult because hotels usually do not want people to mess with their TV setups. The cables are usually arranged in a way so that hotel customers do not have access to them, and the only way to do is to bring your own personal cords.

The good news for people that use hotel rooms and also enjoy streaming content to their devices is that most of streaming devices have updated their software to be able to by pas hotel Wi-Fi security.

Apple TV and Google Chrome Cast Streaming

Google Chromecast and Apple TV are well known for not having a captive portal access, but not worry, this can be avoided. The usual standard for hotel rooms regarding internet access is that they have a Ethernet cable, and the cable can be easily connected to a travel router.

The next step is to use the router to share Wi-Fi then the streaming devices such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV can use the router to stream media content from the users’ laptop. Another way of getting around hotel Wi-Fi security is MAC spoofing.

This method implies that the user has to change different configurations settings to the hotel Wi-Fi to make it seem like the streaming device and the users laptop are the same device.

Roku Streaming Device

The new update that Roku has received allows the streaming device to go around hotel Wi-Fi security and stream to the TV. The first step the user has to take is to connect Roku using a HDMI cable to the TV, after that connect it to Wi-Fi and the options menu will automatically appear on the TV’s screen. Roku can use devices like a phone, tablet or laptop to be connected to hotel Wi-Fi.