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Facebook retained instant messenger service is known as WhatsApp that is one of the fastest growing messaging apps on the globe. To keep up with the increasing demands of its billions of users, the app regularly receives updates to add fresh features. The designers have added an entire bunch of new features that make Whatsapp better than ever. And WhatsApp is now free forever too.

To get all the best new features, the users have to update the application to the latest version. The update at this time is available for Android as well as the iOS users. The update to the latest version can be downloaded from the respective app store.

Pop-out, Zoom, and Edit Videos:

The most recent update entirely changes what the users can do with a video sharing in WhatsApp. The first course, every video that is downloaded has now the same pinch to zoom tool that the users find in photographs. It is slightly difficult to pan and scan after you are zoomed in. However, you will get the droop of it in a little while.


Moreover, a new choice allows the users to open any video in a pop-out moving window, same like playing the YouTube videos in the background. In this way, the users can pop the video out and let it continue playing while browsing other WhatsApp messages as well.

Lastly, WhatsApp now also has easy video editing features that include cropping and trimming the video to shrink its size and reshare it.

Send PDFs and Share from Cloud:

The Internet has some great sites for free ebooks. Though, they’re generally in PDF format.


So till now, if the users found a book in pdf they were unable to share them with their friends on WhatsApp as Whatsapp doesn’t support PDF files format.  Likewise, the credit card and mobile phone bills that were sent to you by the company via email in PDF format couldn’t be WhatsApped to anyone else who wanted to authenticate or approve them.

Well now with the update some changes in the Whatsapp allow the users to share PDF files with their friends and mates, together with most of the other standard document formats.

Share Photos from Cloud Drives:

Currently, when the users tap to share pictures, they can only dive into their desired online cloud drive and share photographs from there.


The developers of WhatsApp has added support to allow the users to send documents from cloud-based drives such as Dropbox and Google Drive, together with the internal storage. This is a small step on the way to making it faster and easier to share anything.

Auto-Sorted Docs, Links, and Media:

Gratefully, WhatsApp now auto-sorts all the documents, links, and images or videos shared in any conversation, whether in an individual or group chat. Simply open a chat, tap on the three-dot selections icon in the top-right corner of the screen, and tap on Media option.

You’ll there find three tabs for Documents, Media, and Links, which house all the related items shared in that chat.

Whatsapp is getting enhanced with every update and users are enjoying new features.