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In the newest build on the beta testing version of WhatsApp, it has been discovered that the app was hiding a new feature regarding the Status tab. The hidden feature allows users to share both videos and still images with friends and family in a similar way that you might be able to on other social apps like Facebook Messenger, which has recently introduced Messenger Day, and the competitor Snapchat, which have their Snaps feature.

The Status tab update comes shortly after Facebook introduced a new WhatsApp update in the form of an updated Camera tab. After you take a photo or video, you will be redirected to a preview screen where the media content can be altered (cropped, filtered, text enhanced, etc.), after which it is ready to be shared with everyone.

As stated previously, the new WhatsApp feature is a hidden one, only available by searching in the Setting menu. It is also only present on WhatsApp’s beta build for extensive testing before it gets released to the masses in a bigger update sometime later. If you wish you check the feature out personally before it is officially introduced to the live version, you will need a jailbroken iPhone or an Android device that has been rooted.

The new feature seems to be Facebook’s continuous endeavor of introducing this kind of function across all its apps, with Messenger and Instagram already gaining Instagram Stories and Messenger day.

While Snapchat is not a Facebook app, they offer a similar feature, which means Facebook is now raising the bar and catching up with competition, which is bound to produce a shift in the user share. The only question remaining is how big of a share is Facebook about to snatch with the introduction of this update.