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Naughty Dog has released the official patch notes for its latest update for Uncharted 4: A thief’s end. The update includes some interesting things that will surely catch the player’s eye. The developer has added support for PlayStation 4 Pro to the game, just as it did with the remastered version  of another one of its highly praised titles, The Las of Us.

Other features have been implemented in patch 1.15, covering more ground than just support, with display HDR capabilities added, as well as a new game more for the multiplayer factor.

As a bonus, it seems that users get 70 % brushed off all available bundles. Next, we’ll take a look at everything the 1.15 update has to offer.


Support has been implemented for PlayStation 4 Pro and HDR (high dynamic range), but also audio, with stereo quality bumped up a notch.

  • Bugs

  • Switching loadouts will no longer cause players to lose a purchased mystical.
  • Camera can no longer be bumped in aim mode by teammates.
  • Score count for Bounty Hunter mode fixed to show correct increments.
  • Rooftop collisions have been fixed.
  • Using melee after activating the Shield of Asgard mystical will no longer cause it to deactivate.
  • Command and TD matches will no longer start with uneven teams.

  • Cinema Mode

  • Players will no longer get a black screen when constantly rewinding.
  • Joining late will no longer cause cinema to crash.
  • Cinema replay will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Stability

  • Connecting to multiplayer will no longer cause crashes.
  • Users losing host connection during game loading will no longer cause black screen hangs.
  • Ranked TD will no longer cause crashes.
  • Getting downed when hanging off a ledge or over water will no longer cause a crash.

In addition, Naughty Dog has opened the gates to a new game mode currently in testing, called Classic Mode, in which players will focus on the basics, shooting and moving. The other elements that appear in the other game modes will be disabled.