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Niantic Labs keeps on bringing new changes to Pokemon Go. They are trying to keep the game entertaining while at the same time fixing some problems on the way. The biggest change made by them at the moment is that Eevee, the rare Pokemon, is going to be available in the eggs that hatch in 5 km.

Also worth mentioning is that Niantic Labs are preparing another update for the Winter event.

The pocket monster Eevee is now going to be hatched in all 5 km eggs. This is great news for those that were trying to catch the Pokemon, and because it was so rare they couldn’t ever find it. This also means players do not have to crack endless amounts of eggs and walking tens of kilometers before they hatch to try and get a Eevee.

Before this update rolled out, there were two ways that a player could catch a Eevee. The first way meant that the player needed to get lucky enough to be able to find one in the wild, while the other way meant that user had to hatch a 10 km egg. And even if the player hatched the 10 km egg, they might have gotten unlucky and a normal type Pokemon could have hatched.

Owning a 10 km egg is considered very important in the Pokemon Go community. First of all it gives its owner bragging rights, an advantage during Pokemon battles, having a rare Pokemon like Eevee. And also it shows that the player has perseverance, because the 10 km egg will not always hatch an Eevee.

As stated before, Pokemon go are in the process of developing an update for a Winter Event. Ice type Pokemons are surely going to pop up more often when the Winter Events takes places, even more candies, the same way candies were doubled during the Halloween themed event.