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The updates 34 and 1.37 have been released by Minecraft for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The main focus of the updates is to bring a few bug fixes, but there are differences in the updates though. We are going to present you with details regarding these new updates.

The differences between the updates

The updates are very similar in the amount of bug fixes they bring, but there still is a minor difference. The 1.37 update released for PlayStation 4 has a MCCE fix for 2420, and it is focused towards the Sub Account Content Restriction. On the other hand, the 34 update meant for Xbox One has a fix focused at Gary for English Banner patterns.

The fixes brought by the updates

The updates have already been released for both gaming consoles a while ago. They were released for Europe and Japan at first and now they are finding their way to the North American region.

Update 1.37 was rolled out for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and also for the PS Vita. The new patch has added support for released DLC, while also fixing some known bugs.

Minecraft players that own a Xbox One have also received the same bug fixes and it also added some new content that players can enjoy. The new added content includes new battle maps and a Halloween themed item bundle.

Builder’s Pack

The DLC has been made available for $17,49 and it includes six different packs. The packs included in the DLC are Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1, Candy Texture Pack, Plastic Texture Pack, Greek Mythology Mash Up, Cartoon Texture Pack and Pattern Texture Pack.

Updates for other Consoles

Minecraft updates were also released for consoles such as Nintendo Wii U and Xbox 360. The difference is that these updates came with other bug fixes that concerns bug around these older consoles.