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Halloween is over and gone are the annoying drag-and-drop issue that was brought by the previous update. Also, the Halloween theme and the Scary Pumpkin obstacle have been removed and the game functionality has been significantly improved. The patch 8.551.24 is available for download on the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

If you missed the original look of the game, then you should install the latest Clash Of Clans version 8.551.24. But if you want to farm XP for your troops, then you’re not ready to give up on the Scary Pumpkin.

However, we’re pretty sure that you were pretty pissed off because of the glitch that broke the army training drag-and-drop feature, leading to difficulties in managing troops and implementing strategies. In addition, Supercell had to fix another glitch that made it easier to train troops, as they consumed fewer resources, although this bug was beneficial to players.

Supercell has mentioned that the version 8.551.24 patch for Clash of Clans is an optional update, but players affected by the troop training issue should download it immediately. We remind you that the Halloween update allowed players to get 20 percent more Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir from Clan Wars, to store more war loot in their Clan Castle, to keep more of their war loot, even if their Clan didn’t win the Clan War, and they received a bigger League bonus if they won multiplayer battles in all Leagues.

Moreover, a new Mortar was unlocked at Town Hall 8, the Hero icons showed Hero ability status in replays, visitors had access to army camp contents in the Army Camp info screen and player profile showed the highest unlocked level of troops, heroes and spells.

Rumors suggest that in less than two weeks, Supercell will release the next update, which will come with more units and air defenses, as well as wall levels.