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According to the latest reports, the Clash of Clans December Update will bring a good amount of new stuffs. Below we will mention a few rumored features that will be added once the patch will be released.

Ships And Other Features Are Being Added

Rumors are suggesting that soon enough, we will see ships in the “Clash of Clans” game. In order to have access to the “ship”, you will need to re-build the “shipwreck”. The “shipwreck” becomes available once your Town Hall hits level four and after you’ll repair it, you will receive 50.000 gold.

It seems that the ship will be used to search and transport items such as elixir and gold. In other words, a new dock structure will most likely be added to the game. There are some rumors which say that the players will be able to use ships in wars. Other reports say that some units and structures from the game will receive a look overhaul.

Clash of Clans: Latest Feature

The latest feature that has been released to the “Clash of Clans” game is named “Friendly Wars”. The new feature works just like the Clan Wars, but you don’t spend resources or units for the clan castle reinforcements.

In addition, you are able to adjust the number of participants to the friendly Clan War. The number of players can range between 5 and 50, which is great if you have a smaller group of friends (that are in another clan) that you want to fight with. In addition, the wall breakers have shorter training time and spells brewing boost only needs only one gem (instead of two).

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