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Often times, the old and the new collide, creating something that is either great, or, well, not so great. Today we’re talking about how the mobile phone business acts as a bridge between the age-old need of finding a job, and the popular modern expression “there’s an app for that”.

The final result are job searching apps that help you find work quicker, replacing traditional ways of communication between employer and employee, such as newspaper ads or even online ads. The times we live in push us more and more towards mobile devices and the ease of access they provide. Not using one of these apps doesn’t guarantee failure, just as using one doesn’t guarantee a seven figure job, but it will however improve your chances of finding work. Next, we’ll take a look at some of the best job searching apps available.


Providing valuable advice on jobs, Monster is regarded as pretty much the pioneer of job searching apps, with a wide range of options that help you search and filter, including even an option that lets you block certain companies , if you don’t want your current boss to know you’re looking for a new one.


This app lets you get job notifications based on your resume, so that it matches you for job positions your resume deems you fit for. Also, CareerBuilder is an international app, being available in multiple countries.


This app hosts 180 million hits on a monthly basis and allows users to set up a connection with their own email so that they can receive updates there.  Indeed also provides easy to use filters that make it one of the best job listing apps available.


With Flexjobs, you have to pay a fee to use it, but in return you are guaranteed premium service, meaning that they make sure everyone you come in contact on the app is verified and reduces the possibility of getting scammed by 100%. The premise of Flexjobs is finding a job that suits your lifestyle.


If you are new to the working class and are looking just to build some experience to showcase on your resume, you could give Internships a try. Over 75000 companies list their positions on this app, but whether or not an internships pays is case specific.


If you’re working in the IT department or some other ramification of technology and engineering, then Dice is the app for you. It is considered the very best when it comes to these work fields. While the other apps could provide you with good opportunities as well, it wouldn’t hurt to try Dice since it’s specific to your career choice.