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Since the initial release of WhatsApp messenger in 2010, it has become one of the most popular messaging app with around 180 countries in the world having more than one billion users from Europe, India and South America, among others.

WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging app that allows for free call and text messages and so far, there have been several updates rolled out by its developers. In 2014, Facebook became the mother company of WhatsApp when the social media network bought it for $19 billion.


Of all the updates, the latest is one that comes with s video calling feature for Android. Before that, this feature was included in the update for Widows Phone users and perhaps, iPhone users will soon be treated with the same feature.

The version needed is 2.16.318 and for the recipient to be able to receive video calls from a user with the updated version, he or she also needs to download an update for WhatsApp. This is still a beta version while another previous update, the APK version 2.16.316 was released a few days ago.

This download has a file size of 31.07 MB and can be installed on Android 2.3.4 and higher devices. To download beta versions, you can either download it directly from or join the bets program in the Play Store.

It is always crucial only to download from trusted websites and you might also want to put off downloading the update in case you do not have plans to enjoy new features.


But if you decide to download and the feature does not work, here are some steps you can do. First, you need to backup your chats and erase the WhatsApp data. Next, login to WhatsApp and see if it works.

If this video calling feature becomes stable, WhatsApp might topple Google Duo, the newest single-purpose video calling up. In the meantime, continue to download the latest WhatsApp updates to enjoy the new features.