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Android users may have felt bias because it was reported that only Windows OS phones were given the opportunity to run the new features from WhatsApp.

Of course, many people have reacted on this one because they think they also have the capability to install and use the video calling features offered by WhatsApp.


Well, there is no reason to fret because Android phones are now given the chance to install the new update. Yes, of course, Samsung phones can finally take advantage of this update. Android as well as other Samsung devices are going to enjoy this because they can now experience the same advantage as those Windows Phone users. This can be done by downloading the beta version of the app.

Nevertheless, it was reported that version 2.16.315 was the one needed to update the video calling features of the app. However, that was proven to be unable to gain the same results. Instead, there is an alternative way of doing this, without having to wait for the update.

Samsung device users need not worry because they can always download WhatsApp from trusted third-party sources. WhatsApp APK can be downloaded from Google-signed websites. WhatsApp APK are downloadable from such sources. Simply ensure that you select the 2.16.316 version of the app to be able to enjoy the latest update.


Otherwise, you can sign up as a beta tester from the Google Play Store. You must become a beta tester so that you can enjoy the features such as voice and video calls.

Signing up is easy, by just tapping the Become a Tester option from the Play Store. You can then search for the WhatsApp and install it on your Samsung device.

The only thing that you have to endure when you use WhatsApp beta version are the bugs that may come along with it. The good thing is that you can report the issues to the developers in order to get the app fixed. Being a beta tester can help the developers improve the app so the next time that it will be released, it will be free of issues.