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Lots of people are now enjoying the free service that WhatsApp has to offer. However, many are still left out in the dark regarding this new method of communicating online via the new WhatsApp messaging system.

Generally, WhatsApp is referred to as one of the most famous and best chatting app on a mobile platform. So, whether it is on iOS, Windows or Android device, this app can provide the same experience for users.

If you have not downloaded the app yet, take note that it can be done by visiting the Google Play Store. Thus, on your mobile device, simply go to the desktop and tap the Play Store icon.


However, it will sometimes take a long time for the Play Store to get beta features and changes. To solve this problem, you can go directly to the official website where you can download WhatsApp directly from there.

All you need to do is to get the latest version of the WhatsApp APK file, which is 2.16.317. For Android devices, simply type from your browser the link and you need to have at least Android OS 2.1 or later. Likewise, it requires you to have an unlimited Internet data plan.

Take note that tablet devices won’t be supported. You can take advantage of chat backup feature, mark chat as unread, and individual contact notifications, among others. Likewise, the new update will now allow users to forward zip files as well as PDF documents in a form of an attachment.


There are also other websites offering WhatsApp APK files that you can download for yourself. However, you should be aware that malicious threats can be anywhere, including the files that you download from unknown sources. The best thing that you can do is to take it from a known source.

For Android devices, you need to download files from the Play Store. Meanwhile, if you are a Windows phone user, you may have to visiting the Microsoft Store for Windows mobile.

Likewise, if you are an iOS user, trusted apps exist on Apple’s App Store. Nevertheless, you might not get the latest as well as the beta update. You can find trusted WhatsApp APK files on its official website.