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WhatsApp is an easy to use app with a pretty transparent layout, meaning that it easy to see exactly what the app can offer. However, out of haste or lack of observation, some people might overlook some little things that are actually pretty good tools to have, as they can enhance the quality of your messages.

Text customization

WhatsApp has a bunch of customization options that we will go over.

One of the things the app lets you do is quote previous messages by using the Reply button. By adding a quote to your message, you can let everyone involved in the conversation know exactly what you are referring to. This not only reduces the chance of miscommunication, but also adds some structure.

Thanks to the app’s text formatting options, you can convert your text to Italic, Bold and Strikethrough and make it more vibrant. You can activate these formatting options by using an asterix, underscore or tilde respectively, on each end of the text.

When in big group chats where communication can become a bit hectic, don’t hesitate to use the new @mentions, which allow you to specify exactly who your message is intended for, therefore not creating confusion among all the participants.

Useful Features

By going to Gallery, WhatsApp users can now send GIFs to their friends, which can tap them if they want to play it. If the message receiver has an outdated version of WhatsApp, they might not be able to see or play it.

There is a new front camera flash feature available on WhatsApp, which works by brightening the screen considerably when used, mimicking a flash. This shines more light on the user’s face and improves image quality when using the front camera for photos and videos.

WhatsApp can now be paired with Microsoft OneDrive, allowing users to use the cloud storage service for safe keeping their backup data.

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