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Pokémon Go was released four months ago and even if its popularity has decreased, there are still millions of fans who are playing it daily and they’re thankful for any new feature brought by Niantic. The developers can’t please everyone, but they’re doing their best to improve the game and now they’re preparing daily bonuses for trainers. Many are still waiting for battles between trainers to take place anytime and anywhere.

Niantic has recently posted on its blog that it will introduce Daily Bonuses in a future update, without giving the exact date time when it will happen. However, we know that the feature is “coming soon”, so it might make its appearance within a month. The addition of Daily Bonuses will offer players extra experience and they will be more motivated to become the best trainers.

And these are the rewards that Niantic has prepared for trainers: 500 XP and 600 stardust for catching a Pokémon every single day; 2,000 XP and 2,400 stardust for catching the seventh Pokémon; 500 more XP will be offered to players who visit a PokéStop each day with a disc spin; other additional items, but Nantic hasn’t mentioned what they represent, so they could be candy or incense.

In addition, if trainers go to a PokéStop daily and they spin the disc for seven days in a row, they will receive the 2,000 XP reward, plus a “great amount” of items.

Players can’t wait for the release of this feature, as they’re very excited about the possibility to earn bonus rewards for being more active in the game, every day, for a week. The massive amounts of XP and items will serve them well and they will be able to level faster and build an enviable reputation among trainers.

We remind you that Niantic has updated Pokémon Go with the Buddy system, which allows trainers to assign a Pokémon as a walking buddy.