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A few days ago, Microsoft has finally released the “Minecraft: Education Edition”. The new game version comes with classroom tools and a way to view accounts for every student in the class or school district.

The Verge claims that the development of this game has started back in January 2016 and it went through a BETA period during the entire summer. Many have hoped that the game will be fully released before school started, but that didn’t happen.

However, the full version of “Minecraft: Education Edition” hast just been released and even if it is a couple months later after classes began, we’re pretty sure that it will be used in many schools.

It seems that there will be some resources for teachers in order to get them started with the game in the “Minecraft: Education Edition”. According to MacRumors, the game comes with some pre-made lessons plans, starter worlds and helpful tutorials, which will make sure that the students will accommodate with the game’s mechanics.

When it comes to educators, there are “Minecraft Mentors” in the game that will help them to use the game in the classroom. The mentor will teach the educator all the basic principles of the game. In addition, it will also explain how the game can be adapted to the education programs.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to make sure that the students will stay engaged in schools thanks to the help of “Minecraft: Education Edition”. At the same time, the teachers will be able to use the game in order to explore other subjects. According to TheVerge, the teachers will need to build out worlds that will connect with whatever they are teaching, whether we talk about a historic structure or a setting in a book.

What are your thoughts about “Minecraft: Education Edition”? Do you think that this game will help teachers and students?