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The next major release for Java is version 9, but that isn’t expected until 2017. While there are lots of reasons to be excited for the upcoming major version, Java 8 is still very much alive and kicking and doing quite well. In fact, Oracle just recently rolled out the latest version in the Java 8 family tree, and that’s build 8u112.

Java 8 Update 112 was released on the 18th of October and it contained several bug fixes as well as changes. This update comes about two months after the last public release, 8u102.

The release notes on Java’s page on the Oracle website revealed several details about the latest build, and these include:

  • A full version string of 1.8.0_112-b15. The b in this case refers to build. This was the fifteenth build for this version.
  • A version number of 8u112. This means that this update is the 112th release in the version 8 family.
  • A IANA time zone data version of 2016f. This includes changes for Africa/Cairo which will not be using DST beginning July 7, 2017 after it initially being the case. This also includes a change for Asia/Novosibirsk which will transition from +06 to +07 starting on the 24th of July in 2017 at 02:00.

Changes and Bug Fixes

There’s a total of 139 bug fixes addressed for this release. All of them can be viewed at Java 8 Update 112’s page on the Oracle website. With regards to changes, this Java version now doesn’t allow the SunPKCS11 Provider to offer SecureRandom by default, particularly on the Solaris platform due to a poorly performing native PKCS11 implementation.

The last Java 8 version was 8u102 and that was released back in July. We can still expect more version updates until Java 9 is finally unveiled to the public. As of now, get your version updated to this one!