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It’s quite possible that in the year 2016, you still don’t browse the web using Google Chrome. That’s perfectly understandable given that it’s not the default web browser on most devices – unless you’re a Chrome OS user.

However, the impact of Chrome on how we use the web cannot be ignored – it owns 50% of the market share across all platforms. It’s used on desktop computers, installed on smartphones and even used in tablets.


Why wouldn’t you use it? Among other things it’s incredibly fast and very secure. Not only that, the design is minimal and looks astonishingly light compared to other browsers. And the best part of all is it makes searching the web so much easier.

So if you want to make the switch, you’re encouraged to do so. If you don’t want to let go of your current browser, adding on Chrome as an alternate doesn’t hurt either. And best of all: Google Chrome is absolutely free and available on major platforms and devices. It doesn’t matter if you run Linux, Windows, Mac, Android or iOS: you can get Chrome without having to pay anything.

Here’s how you get Chrome into your computer or device:

Desktop computers

If you’re a Windows user, simply fire up the current browser you have and head over to the official Google Chrome website. Hover over the word Download on the top portion of your screen then choose For personal computers. This will take you to another page where a Download Chrome button is present. Click on that button and follow the instructions. It’s that simple.


Users of other platforms can click on the Download Chrome for another platform link just below the Download Chrome button and a pop-up dialog will appear asking you to pick a platform. Click on the one that applies to you.

Smartphones and tablets

Installing Chrome on your smartphone or tablet is easy. Android users just need to open up Google Play to download the browser. Likewise, iOS users just need to head to the App Store to get theirs.

Google Chrome is a great browser and is frequently updated. It is fast, reliable and secure and provides a great web browsing experience.