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To be honest, the number of email accounts a person has depends on their preference. For some, they find it more manageable to separate their business email from their personal email.

Others find it better to have separate email accounts for their different interests. Or, you may just be someone who is looking to create a new account because a) you forgot all the details to your previous account and b) you just want to start fresh. Whatever your reasons may be, here’s how you create a new Gmail account:

  • Go to the page where you create Google accounts. This is found at If you noticed, you need a Google account in order to sign up for Gmail. And not just Gmail, by creating an account with Google, you get access to its many other services such as Drive, Play and YouTube.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the account setup process. You will be asked to provide your Name, chosen username, password, birthday, gender, mobile phone number, current email address and location. After filling those up, you will be directed to the next step and all you have to do is follow the instructions and in no time, you’ll be the owner of a brand new Gmail account.

  • Sign into Gmail. You can do this on your desktop computer or even on your smartphone or tablet. While you can always use a web browser while logging into your Gmail on a device, it’s best to download the Gmail app for a better experience.

Gmail is one of the best email clients on the planet and it not only provides a great user experience, it is packed with lots of features for a very comfortable email experience, whether you’re using the app or the desktop client.