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There have been numerous rumors lately regarding one of the most anticipated games since Grand Theft Auto 5, namely its successor, Grand Theft Auto 6. Some believe that the continuation of the GTA franchise will happen sooner or later, regardless of what the specific date is, but due to recent announcements, it might be later rather than sooner.

The reason for this is the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel of another highly praised game developed by the same brand that develops GTA, namely Rockstar.

Since Rockstar is keen on releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 in the near future, many consider GTA 6 will be pushed back as an indirect result, since it would be unwise for the developer to put out two of their top selling franchises at the same time, at least from a market perspective.

While release date talks go on, there are also gameplay rumors targeting the new Grand Theft Auto. The fan base is split into those that believed the game’s action will take place in Texas, and those that believe Rockstar is taking a different approach for GTA6 ,and turning the entire US map into the main character’s playing ground.

Speaking of the main character, it is also believed that the male lead only so far series will feature a female protagonist for the first time, which isn’t quite ruled out yet. Among all the rumors, there is a small fact: The team over at Rockstar has let slip that they are still trying to figure the characters for the new game out, and haven’t settled on them yet.

As Rockstar fans remain in the dark as to when they can expect the new GTA, they can entertain themselves with the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, a western action game that is bound to shake the market as its predecessor did.