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Reports are coming in regarding the Google Nexus 7 tablet device. Sources are speculating that it is aimed toward the budget-friendly tablet consumer base, and that it might come with the Andromeda Operating system.

The specifications speculated for the upcoming Google Nexus 7 indicates that the device will feature an AMOLED display (of how many inches it is yet unknown), following up with the Adreno 530 graphics chip to support it. The processing power will come from a very capable Snapdragon 820 chip manufactured by Qualcomm, while the internal storage is assured by the available 64 GB.

In terms of RAM, the Nexus 7 features 4 GB, and all these components are fueled by the same 5100 mAH battery.

The operating system that will supposedly operate the software side of things for the tablet is Andromeda. Readers that might have thought Google ditched its own OS in favor of getting a third party software can rest assured that it is not the case. Andromeda is a combination of Google’s two products, the Android operating system and Chrome.

There are still talks regarding the future of the Nexus line. While some believe that Google will terminate the series in the wake of the new Google line Pixel, others believe that the Pixel series will be the only ones manufactured by Google, and other brands will be brought in to work on new Nexus devices, as was the case for the most part of the Nexus line’s lifetime.

The upcoming Nexus 7 tablet is the third generation of such devices. The first two devices were the product of Asus, but this third generation will be manufactured by Huawei.

Due to the Nexus 7 being absent from the event that took place in October, speculations suggest that we might get an official announcement sometime early next year.