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The world’s biggest tech companies want to make sure that you’ll never leave their app — even when you need to order food for breakfast, lunch or dinner — by integrating food delivery app in their system. On the 19 October, Facebook announced to support delivery services which allow users to order food for delivery without leaving the Facebook app.

Not to be left is behind is Google Maps, which just last 24 October pgraded its systems in order to support food delivery services such as Eat24, GrubHub and Seamless. The updated Google Maps allows users to place local delivery orders using their preferred on-demand food delivery services. It also makes it easier for users to take and add photos within the app, as well as make reviews.

It was just a few weeks ago when Google Maps was given an upgrade that allows users to add more relevant information to places, most notably, widgets for nearby and travel time for iOS version 4.24.0, but its most notable update to date is perhaps the integration of food delivery services.

How does it work?

The food delivery support is available on restaurant pages within Google Earth Maps. When users use the app’s Explore feature, nearby eateries and restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, coffee and drinks will show up. Users can further refine the search results by choosing from sub-categories such as “Vegetarian-Friendly Spot” and “Where the Locals Eat.”

When users have chosen a restaurant, there is an option labeled “Place an order” above the eatery’s phone number and below. Once clicked, users will be presented a choice of food delivery services which support the restaurant.

Along with supporting food delivery services, Google has also made it simpler for users to figure out plus codes, which are essentially place identifiers. They are more like postal or street addresses on Google Maps, making it easier for food delivery services to find your house or office by simply dropping a pin and then sharing the generated plus codes to them. Food delivery service providers can use this code to find your location again the next time you place an order.

This, and among others, are just some of the upgrades that Google is rolling out before the year ends. Reports have it that the internet giant is planning to turn Google Maps into a social platform. Read more here.