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Four years ago, EA has announced that Dead Space 3 needs to sell 5 million copies in order to survive, but the game failed to reach the goal and it wasn’t sure if the successor was cancelled or if its developer, Visceral Games, was still considering producing a sequel. Fans never lost hope and continued to ask EA if the Dead Space 4 is in development, and in a previous interview with Games TM, general manager Steve Papoutsis dropped hints that the game could be released someday.

Steve Papoutsis said that “There’s definitely a lot of interest internally for us to pick that up again at a future date.” Unfortunately, he didn’t offer more information, but at least fans know now that the game hasn’t been cancelled, although previously, Frank Gibeau, who this year has become EA’s new chief executive officer, has announced that the fate of Dead Space 4 depends on the sales of the current installment.

Since the game didn’t manage to sell 5 million copies, everyone started to worry that the sequel will never launch.

The guys from Game Rant have made a list of features that fans want to see in Dead Space 4, if the sequel will be released. Gamers weren’t very satisfied with the survival horror elements that were brought to Dead Space 3, saying that the game deviated from the original, but at the same time, they expressed their wish to experience again claustrophobic environments from past entries, because they felt adrenaline running through their veins when being close to their enemies.

Other things that fans are missing are the tools (the plasma cutter and ripper) used by Isaac, the main protagonist, to slice and dismember the Necromorphs. These tools were removed in Dead Space 3 because there were introduced more enemies and the character had to use rifles to take them down.

Also, in Dead Space 2, Isaac had some hallucinations which were turned into new enemies, and gamers loved this part!